How can I make a purchase?

It’s really simple! We’ll take you through the process in 4 short steps. 

1st STEP: Choose the right product

Browse through our E-shop to see our full collection. You can always contact our shop assistants for more information regarding each product to find the one that suits your needs best.

2nd STEP: Purchase process

Pick the product that you like and add it to cart. You can choose multiple products. After you chose all the products that you like click on the button “Go to payment”.

You don’t have to register to complete the purchase. We just need to know about your contact information and address to let you know about the state of your order and delivery address.

After you inserted your contact info you can choose between payment options and agree with our terms and conditions. They are available at our website in case that you need further information.

3rd STEP: Packaging and sending

You will get a notification e-mail after a successful order. Your order will be processed and added to delivery service. You will be notified when your order will be ready for delivery.

4th STEP: Delivery

Our products are delivered through GLS delivery service. They will notify you about the exact time of delivery through your mobile number.

Do you have additional questions? You can write to us anytime! 

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