Return of goods

Consumer’s withdrawal from the contract

Consumer (this applies exclusively to final users that buy products for consumption) has a right to withdraw from the contract in the fourteen days after picking up the item. Consumer doesn’t have to tell the reason for their decision. This period starts one day after picking up the products.

Customer lets the seller know about their withdrawal through email

In case customer wants to withdraw from the contract they have to return purchased product to the address of the seller: Ulica Pohorskega bataljona 101, 1000 Ljubljana. Return of the purchased product in withdrawal period counts as a message of contract withdrawal.

Consumer has to return the product undamaged and of the same quantity unless the article has been damaged, broken, expired, lost or reduced in quantity without the consumer’s guilt. Consumer must not use the product until contract is withdrawn. Consumer can observe and try the product to the extent necessary to determine the state of it. Consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the good in case that it is a consequence of their handling that was not necessary to determine the properties of the item.

The only cost that is charged on consumer regarding of withdrawal is the cost of returning the goods. This cost is charged by delivery service and depends on the size of the package. Product has to be returned tot he seller in 30 days after the message of contract withdrawal.

Return of the payments will be done immediately it is possible, at the latest it will be done 14 days after contract withdrawal message. To ensure that return was done in time and to have a clear evidence of payment, the return will be done solely by payment to their bank account. Return of payment in cash is not possible!

In the case that there was a promotional coupon involved in payment and contract is withdrawn, this amount will be treated as discount and will not be returned to the customer. Customer will only receive the amount they paid.